Friday, April 24, 2015

Sunday morning rain is fallin..

This past Sunday it was gloomy and rainy all day, and it sounds like this weekend will be more of the same. Those kinds of days are best for studying Japanese and weekly planning. 
 Studying is not that fun to begin with so having cute stationary always is motivating in an odd way. Lisa Frank helps me out in that department. 
I have this thing......let's call it an addiction...yes ...that's it, and addiction to Japanese stationary. I collect and am a small scale hoarder of the stuff. I can't get enough, but then when it arrives, it's so cute  I can't possibly bring myself to use it. Alas.. off it goes into a cute box to sit until I want to look at it again..... hey I did mention it was an addiction.  
Back to studying! I'm equipped with a jumbo Lisa Frank pencil...mostly for looks, my Japanese book, the oh so necessary electronic Japanese dictionary, my notes that are hiding in that colorful Lisa Frank folder, and the pencil case which houses actually functional pencils.   

Next up is my weekly planning. Three calendars..... My phone, my Barbie schedule book and my Gaspard and Lisa schedule book. Both schedule books are from Japan which I bought on the Rakuten site with all the points I've racked up buying stationary. 
That purely divine pen... was given to me by the girl who ran the wedding dress shop where I altered my dress. 

I like to see what's coming up for the week...usually the same old but it's still a nice activity... pair that with some cinnamon tea and it makes for a relaxing morning. 

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  1. the stationary is so cute! hope you're having a good week :)

    danielle | avec danielle