Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The hottest holiday shopping promo in Tokyo: Kabe-Don

Kabe-don, two seemingly harmless Japanese words. Kabe, meaning wall and Don, a word that refers to the sound of a hand hitting a surface. These two words together as kabe-don refers to a certain position where a man places his hand against a wall where a female is standing so she cannot move...and he can lean in for a little smoochie action. 

A store called GU in Ginza, Tokyo held this Kabe-don event as a holiday shopping promo. 
Women would come into the store and look around, pick up a special holiday item and ask how it looked. Then BAM! One of he  "hotties" would tell them how beautiful and cute they looked, while doing a kabe-don on them. 
check out the video here!

gu kabe-don event ginza store
By the girls reactions, I'd say the promotion was a success. Rather than dragging a unwilling spouse along with little input, there were hot guys ready to tell you how beautiful you looked! 
gu kabe-don event ginza store

Guys !!! never fear, you weren't left out of the action either. 
gu kabe-don event ginza store

So.....if you're feeling like you need a confidence boost I guess you know where to go now.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Updated Header

I finally have updated my header! It took some time to play around with the layout and overlay but I think I have decided on something I like..for the moment at least.

I will be posting soon about a fashion show I went to in Chicago.
The brand is called Akira. Before my post, be sure to check the brand out!
The site is here AKIRA.



Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My trip to Puerto Rico!! Ay papi!! プエルトリコ旅行!!!

Good morning, all!
It's been a while!
How are ya?
I'm doing good right now~
It's been a while!
I have been so busy recently, I haven't had time to update my blog.

Well, anyway two weeks ago I went to Puerto Rico with my friend!

In March it was still freezing cold here, and I was sitting at my desk thinking I can't take this ridiculous weather anymore!!! I need to go somewhere warm!

Then suddenly it hit me! I'll go to Puerto Rico!! I had never been, but always wanted to go.

So I bought my ticket and reserved my hotel!

カリブ ヒルトン サン ファンっていうホテルで泊まった。

The hotels' size and location was perfect!

There was an almost bay-like  private beach, the water was so beautiful and clear, and there were these small tropical fish that came around to swim in the shallow waters.

実はプエルトリコでカリブ ヒルトンは、プライベートビーチがある唯一のホテルです.
Actually the Caribe Hilton is the only place on the whole island with a private beach.

Since we didn't do an all inclusive package, we always went out to eat dinner. The hotel had a few restaurants inside but, they were pretty expensive.

プエルトリコの名物料理を食べてみたかったから気にしなかった。We wanted to try a lot of local food so we didn't mind going out to find a place to eat.

Within 30 minutes walking distance there is the old town, historic buildings and a lot of sightseeing you can do. 

So I'll tell you my favorite things we did on the trip.

First, we went on  a tour in the El Yunque National Rain Forest which is the only tropical rain forest on U.S soil. English 日本語

It was unbelievably amazing. We were surrounded by greenery.

The tour we took was run by Louie's VIP tours, and I highly recommend this tour. You can take an all day trip for $55 per person. Hiking all around the rain forest and swimming in waterfalls. Louie knows anything and everything about Puerto Rico itself and the rain forest. To look at his tours click here LOUIE VIP TOURS

We also took a boat tour for a day to an island to do some snorkeling. We stopped at the island where a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean was shot.

If you are interested in the boat tour I took, click here Sail and Snorkel party

The trip was about $110 per person with lunch included.

Anyway that was my amazing trip! 

Hope you enjoyed my long overdue and lengthy blog post. 

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