Wednesday, March 30, 2016

DIY Choker Necklace will give you life!

Just sharing one of my most recent makeup looks. I also made this DIY choker necklace! Want to know how!?? Keep reading...don't get greedy...trying to find out straight away.. I see.....

1. Velvet ribbon from Joann Fabrics 
2. Ribbon Clamps 
3. Jump rings
4. Fastener + a necklace extender 
5. Super glue or some kind of strong fabric glue
6. Lighter
7. Needle nose pliers 

1. Measure the ribbon around your neck ***here is a tip! cut the ribbon smaller than your neck size  maybe 1/2 inch to 1 inch because we will attach a necklace extender and you can adjust it that way. 
2. Using the lighter, burn the edges of the cut ribbon to seal the ends. 
3. Add a little glue to one end of the ribbon.
4. Take a ribbon clamp that fits the size of the ribbon you chose, and clamp it to the end of the ribbon using the needle nose pliers. 
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to the other end of the ribbon.
Both ends should have ribbon clamps on them now.
6. Take one jump ring and pry the two ends apart so you can loop it through the end of one ribbon clamp. 
7. Attach the necklace extender with fastener to the other side of the ribbon fastener similarly to step 6. 
This may take a bit of fiddling around with to get it right, but it's rather easy to make. 

THERE YOU HAVE IT, your own choker necklace. Some may want to add charms to the middle as well. If you're one of those people, find the middle of the necklace where you want the charm and poke a hole through with a needle. Attach the charm with another jump ring. VOILA! Cheap and you can make as many as you want! 

I feel like chokers used to be kind of gothic but I like to pair it with chic and sporty outfits. It adds a bit of a dramatic feel without the dramatic price tag. 
I ended up making some for my sister and friends! 
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Doggie Take Over

Teaming up with I'm letting my pup Dochi take over my Instagram and my blog. Rover wanted to know what we do on a regular weekend with our pup Dochi. If you didn't know, Rover is a great website dedicated to finding doggie day-care, house sitting , boarding and dog walks. 
 "Rover connects pet parents with local loving dog sitters" That's their motto and they are sticking to it. Check out Chicagos Rover site.  It's an amazing resource to have for us fur baby mums and dads. 
A little back story on Dochi aka Dochito Gordito aka Doch.. He's a 9 month old West Highland Terrier. 

Without further ado...... Ruff Ruff this is Dochi.....taking over..and yes my selfie game is so strong! 

Morning!!! Sooo my humans are alright.. they let me sleep in bed with them ;)

I like to lay sideways to take up as much room as puppily possible. 

I'm coming for you...

Sneak sneak

I like to get really close to my humans face in the morning and put my cold wet nose on them.  

Like realllllly close.
Just kidding... see ya

I'll trick my mum to get out of bed so I can take her spot pawhahaha..

FINE!! I'm up  .. how wude (michelle tanner voice)

While my humans brush their teeth I'll watch from the tub..Don't turn that water on mum!!

Time for my morning ride to get a biscuit from my favorite place. Doggy Style  

All these treats... will go right to my hips but I can't resist!!

 They have the best selection of unique toys for me to absolutely destroy in five minutes. 
My Pawrents got me this cool Chicago collar from Doggy Style!!

I wait nicely..... sometimes....

Seriously guys!!! Let's go to the dog park!!

This is how I say hello sniff sniiff whooooooweeee  

If you want to run with the big dogs, you have to learn to pee in the tall grass.... or something like that. 


Hey c'mon let's go!

Ugh I'm so wiped out from bossing everyone around and antagonizing... I mean playing. Chauffeur human mommy....take me to the house!! 

I need to sunbathe and nap now. 

All of these gutless toys... WHO DID THAT!!?? Certainly not me..

I shall perch and supervise the happenings in the house. 

Back to napping for me.. but first a quick bite to eat ;)


--Hey guys it Natasha again.. thanks for ogling my pup pics. 
Usually if it was warmer there would be a lot of cafes and bars where you can bring your dog and they can have a nap as you enjoy your drink. Doch has a bit of anxiety so we haven't tried that yet but hopefully this summer we can join in on the fun with Dochi!
We went to the Wicker Park dog park and he had a blast. Of course be sure your furry friend has all their shots and is well mannered with other dogs. 
Dochi like to run up to the biggest dog in the park, but they all seem to put up with his bossy demeanor.