Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The hottest holiday shopping promo in Tokyo: Kabe-Don

Kabe-don, two seemingly harmless Japanese words. Kabe, meaning wall and Don, a word that refers to the sound of a hand hitting a surface. These two words together as kabe-don refers to a certain position where a man places his hand against a wall where a female is standing so she cannot move...and he can lean in for a little smoochie action. 

A store called GU in Ginza, Tokyo held this Kabe-don event as a holiday shopping promo. 
Women would come into the store and look around, pick up a special holiday item and ask how it looked. Then BAM! One of he  "hotties" would tell them how beautiful and cute they looked, while doing a kabe-don on them. 
check out the video here!

gu kabe-don event ginza store
By the girls reactions, I'd say the promotion was a success. Rather than dragging a unwilling spouse along with little input, there were hot guys ready to tell you how beautiful you looked! 
gu kabe-don event ginza store

Guys !!! never fear, you weren't left out of the action either. 
gu kabe-don event ginza store

So.....if you're feeling like you need a confidence boost I guess you know where to go now.

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