Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm a monkey in a cage

Today at school I went about my usual routine, put my things down and got a cup of coffee. I poured the coffee, put the awful dried creamer in, and put two sugars in (since I like my coffee sweet) not a crime right!? Apparently the school servant as it is so awfully translated on the seating chart aka. the man who does maintenance in the building and serves the staff tea seemed to think it was amazing that I put 2 sugars in my coffee. He proceeded to inform me “Oh you put two sugars in ha ha”. HMMM and what? I thought. A few hours later he thought my coffee “incident” was so important that he should  tell the other tea lady, whispering just loud enough that I can hear “this morning she put two sugars in her coffee!” At that very moment I felt like a zoo animal. People go to the zoo and point out all the insignificant every day things that the animals do as if they are putting on a show. Look look the panda is climbing the tree!! Look look the foreigner is putting two sugars in her coffee!!!
I will never know why my coffe preference is so interesting, but I guess I entertain people effortlessly. DANCE MONKEY DANCE!
It made me think of all the other times when I did something of no importance and it was made out to be a big event that everyone should know about. At least in this school I feel like I am sitting under a microscope and every move I make is scrutinized to the nth degree. Oh to be a foreigner in Japan. 

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